Social Work Corner

The last couple weeks have been busy with continuing to develop relationships with your student(s), providing resources, and planning for upcoming visits to our school from professionals in our community. Some exciting new possibilities are in the works to increase our ability to provide education, support, and resources beyond the traditional subject areas and better prepare our students for the challenges of being a modern adolescent as well as successful adults in the near future.

Crews have been discussing conflict resolution skills and we will be continuing to integrate new, structured discussions and activities to practice important life skills. Some of these subjects may include topics such as healthy relationships, responsible use of social media, self-esteem and SMART goals.

Recently in the news: A CNN special report featured a study "Inside the Secret World of Teens" that featured an interesting discussion of adolescent use of social media. Read more here: CNN: #Being13 

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Leslie Allred, MSW, LGSW
School Social Worker