REA Students Visit The Minnesota History Center

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Wednesday afternoon we made our way to the Minnesota History Center. Most of us had never been there. It was a nice experience and we saw lots of different exhibits. Some of the exhibits were Suburbia, Then Now Wow, Minnesota's Greatest Generation and Weather Permitting. They were all very interesting and overall educational, but in a fun way. People of all ages could enjoy it and I definitely recommend it!   - Victoria

After The History Center....


During the first week of intensives on Tuesday and Wednesday I taught the Transitions class how to make dream catchers and the Dakota legend I was taught by my grandfather. We used string, ribbon, beads, wire, sticks(for homemade webs) and feathers from a store. We first covered the outside ring with string, made the hanging hoop, created the web and attached beads and feathers.   - Sadie