Field Work & Expeditionary Learning at REA

What is fieldwork?

Every Wednesday students participate in Fieldwork that is relevant and engaging. Fieldwork is anything that connects learning to the real world. Students participate in:

  • Monthly Service Projects
  • Quarterly College & Career Exploration
  • Regular Academic Fieldwork

Our school calendar states the type of fieldwork that students have each week. As our staff plans the details for these trips, it will be added to the calendar! 


Integrated Physical Science (Tribs/Rapids) 
As we move into the second half of the first Quarter, the Physical Science class is wrapping up how to identify matter. Students have analyzed the differences between matter and non-matter. Ask your Tributary or Rapid why fire is considered non-matter! Students have been demonstrating their comprehension of content through class discussions, group work, and critical reading. The key concept that the Physical Science class has been focusing on is understanding matter and how we can identify matter in day to day life.

Integrated Chemistry (Eddies/Deltas)
The Chemistry class has moved through the different types of equipment and technology that can be used in a chemistry lab. The Eddies and Deltas practiced taking measurements from a graduated cylinder, beaker, and erlenmeyer flask. During field work this past Wednesday, the Deltas took a 12 mL water sample from the Mississippi River with a test tube. They then tested the pH of the river water. Students compared the pH of the river water to the drinking water at River's Edge Academy, vinegar, ammonia, and milk. Testing the pH of the river water expressed the health of the water in which living organisms can live in the water. If your student is a Delta, ask them what the pH level was of the river water!

Melissa Hogfeldt
Science Teacher & Crew Leader