What Are Academic Sections?


REA prides itself on the commitment to individualized graduation plans and interdisciplinary instruction.

Decisions regarding each REA student's schedule and academic section is done on an individual basis, determining each student's need for academic support and success in each course. Students are scheduled into one of four academic sections (Tribs, Rapids, Eddies, and Deltas) for multiple reasons, including but not limited to grade, credits, academic need, and ability.

We have a looping curriculum and interdisciplinary instruction, students do not be receiving the same instruction if they are enrolled in a particular academic section for more than one year. The content in classes will be different.

As an Expeditionary Learning School, teachers create hands on learning curriculum options to engage students deeper into the content. Students present work in class, create projects that support their understanding of a topic, and reflect on their work in Crew and Student Led Conferences.