Students Learn About Climate Change

River's Edge Academy Students Learn About Climate Change

The Tribs and Rapids spent a few weeks learning about climate change and they all did projects on it that they are presenting to teachers, Eddies and Deltas. They did their own celebration of learning to show off their hard work!

A few quotes about what students learned about Climate Change:

"That we need not only to be aware of climate change but to do something about it" -Lyssa

"In the Martian islands people are migrating to the U.S because their home land is flooding because of sea level rising" -Angel

"Climate change is effecting us because sea levels are rising" -Alexus

Student Expedition - Superior Hiking Trail - Spring 2016

Students participate in several one-day programs (Insight courses) in the fall as well  as a four-day, three-night course (Peer Leadership Expedition) on the Superior Hiking Trail in the spring. Here are some fun photos from the most recent Expedition. Big thanks to our partner VOBS!

Students learn many things on these trips, such as, team work, outdoor and campfire cooking, outdoor skills, time for self reflection, and understanding that by pushing yourself you are able to accomplish anything. 

Pizza with Professionals

Last Wednesday was the third of a four part college and career exploration series with students, called it Pizza with Professionals. There were 30 professionals who took time off of work to attend, share their stories with students and share a meal. We are so grateful to all of them. Many career exploration opportunities have already grown out of this event including job shadow opportunities, experts returning to teach in the classroom, service learning, site visits, and more. We look forward to more of these opportunities for students as they explore their full potential for post secondary options! 

Here are some awesome pictures from the day.

Students Learn Baking Skills

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Transition Area: Home Living
Activity: Baking
Materials needed: 
Cake pan
Cooking sheets
Cake Mix
Blondie Mix
Cooking Oil

We used both the oven and stove for baking our food.  We used the recipes off the boxes and one recipe that a student found on Facebook.  After the food was made we came back in the room and tasted all of the different foods. We shared our food with other people in the community.  I will use baking skills again in the future when I want to bake someone a cake.  - Robert Connelly

REA Students Take Class To The Kitchen

Thursday Morning - January 7, 2016

Transition Area: Home Living
Activity: Cooking
Materials needed: 
pots and pans
random food supply
mixing bowls

As a class we were given a challenge to cook a meal as a team with a random food supply our teachers gave to us. The one food item we had to include was a hot dog. We split up into teams and started planning what we were going to make. Besides taking turns for using the oven it wasn’t that difficult. After everyone made their meals we had our principal and teachers taste the food to decided a Master Chef. As young adults we are practicing skills we will need as adults. Overall it was a fun experience!   - Daniel

Students Go Snowshoeing

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Outdoor Recreation
Harriet Island
Activity : Snowshoeing
Needed : Snowshoes, boots, warm clothing
Process : First we had to loosen the snowshoes. We checked the right / left symbol on the snowshoes and then we had to clamp all the strings together. We walked outside in the snow to Harriet Island. We went up a hill down a hill. We just tried it out and had an adventure. We took pictures. I would recommend snowshoeing to anyone because it fun and something new and different.   - Lanisha

Students Learn Sewing Skills

Thursday, January 7th, 2016
On this day our class learned how to sew on a button and hem pants. The materials we needed were a sewing needle, sewing thread, buttons, fabric, and scissors. The process of sewing includes; cutting the thread arm's length, put the thread through the pinhole on the needle, go in and out of the button several times, and tie the knot at the end of the thread before you cut the tread. It was cool to learn this skill.    - Paul Harris

REA Students Visit The Minnesota History Center

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Wednesday afternoon we made our way to the Minnesota History Center. Most of us had never been there. It was a nice experience and we saw lots of different exhibits. Some of the exhibits were Suburbia, Then Now Wow, Minnesota's Greatest Generation and Weather Permitting. They were all very interesting and overall educational, but in a fun way. People of all ages could enjoy it and I definitely recommend it!   - Victoria

After The History Center....


During the first week of intensives on Tuesday and Wednesday I taught the Transitions class how to make dream catchers and the Dakota legend I was taught by my grandfather. We used string, ribbon, beads, wire, sticks(for homemade webs) and feathers from a store. We first covered the outside ring with string, made the hanging hoop, created the web and attached beads and feathers.   - Sadie

Transitions Intensive Introduction

This class focused on five areas of transitions Post Secondary Options, Employment, Home skills, Recreation and Community Involvement. We worked with the teachers to set and accomplish goals around these areas. We were out of a classroom setting a number of days and it was great experiences. Some of the activities we did the past two weeks include; cooking, sewing, baking, snowshoeing, making dream catchers, resumes, job applications, researching disabilities, and exploring the Minnesota History Center.

Meet The Students

My name is Victoria and I am in 11th grade at River's Edge Academy. I was born in St. Paul, MN. I have lived in West St. Paul most of my life but I have moved around.  When I was younger I lived in Texas. I have 6 younger sibling's and one on the way. I enjoy spending time with my siblings. My hobbies are reading and watching Netflix. My goals are to go to college and afterwards I would like to have a fulfilled life. My greatest accomplishment is surviving the past year.

My name is Robert I'm 17 years old and I go to River’s Edge Academy. I have 3 sisters and 1  brother. My hobbies include gaming and sleeping. Some of the games I like to play are Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. The skills want to learn are how to do my taxes and learning habits that will help me in life.

My name is Lanisha and I am a 12 grader at River’s Edge Academy. I was born in St.Paul MN. I have never moved from where I was born. I have two little siblings that live with me named Tamera and Seianna.  I am interested in becoming a homicide detective. My hobbies include; shopping, money and family. Goals I have for myself are just being proud of myself for making it this far in life and being successful. My greatest accomplishment is that I made it this far in life and in school. My two favorite role model are my mom and my nieces. They are my world. I’m so thankful to have them in life, without them I wouldn't know where I would be at the moment.

2015 College March For REA Seniors

"Every year, on the second Friday in December, high school seniors from across the country march their college applications out the front doors of their schools and to their local post office or mail truck. The College March is a powerful symbol of the idea that every student, regardless of background or circumstance, can be prepared to thrive at a high-quality institution of higher learning. The College March is a powerful ritual that helps establish college-going cultures in our schools, reminding every student that with perseverance, resilience and hard work, each of them can earn a degree - and that we will challenge and support them all in doing just that." - NYC Outward Bound Schools

River's Edge Academy joined in the march this year to celebrate the senior class of 2016 taking the next step. Students, staff, community and family members joined the students as they marched to Harriet Island in St.Paul to hand over their college applications to be sent off. Congratulations seniors!

Click to enlarge images below.

Graduating Class of 2016 - River's Edge Academy Seniors

Graduating Class of 2016 - River's Edge Academy Seniors

What Are Academic Sections?


REA prides itself on the commitment to individualized graduation plans and interdisciplinary instruction.

Decisions regarding each REA student's schedule and academic section is done on an individual basis, determining each student's need for academic support and success in each course. Students are scheduled into one of four academic sections (Tribs, Rapids, Eddies, and Deltas) for multiple reasons, including but not limited to grade, credits, academic need, and ability.

We have a looping curriculum and interdisciplinary instruction, students do not be receiving the same instruction if they are enrolled in a particular academic section for more than one year. The content in classes will be different.

As an Expeditionary Learning School, teachers create hands on learning curriculum options to engage students deeper into the content. Students present work in class, create projects that support their understanding of a topic, and reflect on their work in Crew and Student Led Conferences. 

Social Work Corner

The last couple weeks have been busy with continuing to develop relationships with your student(s), providing resources, and planning for upcoming visits to our school from professionals in our community. Some exciting new possibilities are in the works to increase our ability to provide education, support, and resources beyond the traditional subject areas and better prepare our students for the challenges of being a modern adolescent as well as successful adults in the near future.

Crews have been discussing conflict resolution skills and we will be continuing to integrate new, structured discussions and activities to practice important life skills. Some of these subjects may include topics such as healthy relationships, responsible use of social media, self-esteem and SMART goals.

Recently in the news: A CNN special report featured a study "Inside the Secret World of Teens" that featured an interesting discussion of adolescent use of social media. Read more here: CNN: #Being13 

Other resources to check out:

13 Ways to Build Your Daughter's Self-Esteem

Conflict Resolution Skills

Boys & Girls Club of the Twin Cities

Leslie Allred, MSW, LGSW
School Social Worker

Field Work & Expeditionary Learning at REA

What is fieldwork?

Every Wednesday students participate in Fieldwork that is relevant and engaging. Fieldwork is anything that connects learning to the real world. Students participate in:

  • Monthly Service Projects
  • Quarterly College & Career Exploration
  • Regular Academic Fieldwork

Our school calendar states the type of fieldwork that students have each week. As our staff plans the details for these trips, it will be added to the calendar! 


Integrated Physical Science (Tribs/Rapids) 
As we move into the second half of the first Quarter, the Physical Science class is wrapping up how to identify matter. Students have analyzed the differences between matter and non-matter. Ask your Tributary or Rapid why fire is considered non-matter! Students have been demonstrating their comprehension of content through class discussions, group work, and critical reading. The key concept that the Physical Science class has been focusing on is understanding matter and how we can identify matter in day to day life.

Integrated Chemistry (Eddies/Deltas)
The Chemistry class has moved through the different types of equipment and technology that can be used in a chemistry lab. The Eddies and Deltas practiced taking measurements from a graduated cylinder, beaker, and erlenmeyer flask. During field work this past Wednesday, the Deltas took a 12 mL water sample from the Mississippi River with a test tube. They then tested the pH of the river water. Students compared the pH of the river water to the drinking water at River's Edge Academy, vinegar, ammonia, and milk. Testing the pH of the river water expressed the health of the water in which living organisms can live in the water. If your student is a Delta, ask them what the pH level was of the river water!

Melissa Hogfeldt
Science Teacher & Crew Leader

River's Edge Academy at the Minnesota State Fair

Representing REA at the State Fair

This summer we entered three pieces of high-quality, unique student work in the Education and Technology Education Competitions at the State Fair. All three pieces were showcased in the Education building and received ribbons. We will look for more opportunities to enter student work in the future.

Congratulations to:

Kyrill R. - Adirondack chair, 3rd place

Myah M. - Hand-carved paddle, Honorable Mention

Bella M. - Embroidered dish towel, Honorable Mention