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My daughter attended REA for four years. She graduated in spring 2017. I’m happy to report that because of this school she has grown emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. She has embodied the school’s core values in her everyday life and even in her work in community by teaching others about perseverance, the importance of self reflection, ownership and respect for people of all identities.

Because of REA she now moves through life with purpose, she finds ways to find adventure in basic days, she loves to help others and give back as her way of contributing to the community.

- Katrina, proud parent

Sending my children to River's Edge Academy was absolutely the best decision I have ever made regarding their education.

My daughter graduated from REA in 2016, but had I not switched her from the large school she was attending to the extremely supportive environment at REA, she would not have graduated. She suffered from social anxiety and the small classes and close knit community pulled her out of it and made her the successful young woman she is today. She has always had empathy and honesty, but her time at REA empowered her to be more honest with herself, and she now knows that with perseverance she is capable of anything she puts her mind to it.

My son recently completed his junior year. He has struggled his whole life with ADHD and was beginning to hang out with a crowd that was going to drag him down. Just as with my daughter, he has always cared about others feelings. As a follower, he lacked confidence and started to do anything to have friends. At REA he has become a leader, learned to take control of his actions, and is now looked to as an empathetic member of the community. After his time at REA, his perseverance is off the charts and I can't wait to see where he can go with all of the values he has gained at REA.    - Cami, proud parent

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