Expeditionary Learning partners with schools, districts, charter management organizations, and states to build teacher capacity in service of a more ambitious vision of student achievement: one that joins academic challenge and scholarship to critical skills like perseverance, critical thinking, and an ethic of contribution to prepare students for success in college, career and citizenship.

Definition of a Crew
Each student at our school is a member of a crew. Crews have common adventure and service experiences to develop teamwork and friendship. Crews discuss literature, local or national issues of concern, as well as issues with in Crew or the school community. Crew goals and activities are focused in four categories: College & Career Prep, Literacy, Community Service & Healthy Relationships, & Adventure & Fitness. Crew leaders know students well and serve as an advisor. Students stay in the same Crew with the same Crew leader for four years.

Academic Progress Check
Students check their grades on the Portal every week in Crew. They complete a Progress Check Form and set goals for their work. Parents/guardians can check student’s grades on the Portal as well and see exactly what the student sees. This will help keep up on their progress. Below is an example of the Progress Check Form that students use each week in Crew. 

Student Led Conferences
REA holds conferences twice a year after first and third quarters. Students are required to demonstrate what they have learned, how they have grown and what goals they have met. Students lead the conference while family members and the Crew leader participate. The goal of the conference is to showcase the student’s academic work and personal growth. All students are expected to participate in Student-led Conferences.

Portfolios help students learn at a deeper level and measure their growth 
over time. Portfolios also show how students are meeting high standards and are terrific tools for showing growth over time. We are look forward to what our students accomplish with this tool each year.

What is the REA Portfolio? 
A portfolio does not include all student work. Rather, it is a selection of high quality products made by the student with teacher guidance. Each student will present highlights of his or her Crew Portfolio during student-led conferences. The portfolio contains written work and may also include artwork, audio or videotapes of performances, photographs of three-dimensional constructions, computer graphics, and more. A student’s portfolio reflects how thinking about significant issues and questions has grown, how a range of knowledge and skills has developed, and the effort that has been made.

What is in the Portfolio?

-- Reflection on REA’s character values
-- Examples of high quality work in core classes: 
   Math, Science, English, and Humanities.
-- Reflections on the student’s experiences and 
   growth in expeditions, fieldwork, and service.
-- College and career preparation including a resume, 
   essay, and personal reference letters.

Purpose of the Portfolio

-- An avenue for students to gather their best work.
-- A way to present and highlight their work to family and friends
-- To show that the student is continually meeting graduation requirements.
-- Help prepare the student for college admission.