Looking To Enroll?

Step One: Apply Online

  • Apply online today

  • Students are accepted based on space in each class. REA is a free public charter high school and accepts students on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Call 651-234-0150 or email info@reamn.org with any questions!

  • Walk-in appointments are accepted as time permits, however we encourage you to schedule an intake appointment. The building hours are 7:30am–3:30pm.

Step Two: Enroll!

  • Immediately after their tour, students who would like to enroll will receive an enrollment packet. They are welcome to fill it out in person or bring it home and send it back in to us later.

  • The student and legal parent/guardian should be present to fill out enrollment paperwork.

  • If a student is unable to come on a tour before they would like to enroll, we can send an enrollment packet in the mail. However, we highly encourage all prospective students to tour.

2019-2020 Open Enrollment Dates:

  • Quarter 1: August 26th–Oct 16th, 2019

  • Quarter 2: October 21st–25th, 2019

  • Quarter 3: January 20th–January 24th, 2020

  • Quarter 4: March 30th–April 3rd, 2020

2019-2020 Shadow Days:

  • Quarter 2: Friday, November 15th, 2019

  • Quarter 3: Friday, February 21st, 2020

  • Quarter 4: Friday, April 17th, 2020

Enrollment Policies

As a public, charter high school, all students have equal opportunity for enrollment. We accept applications for the upcoming school year during the enrollment period October 1st through March 1st.

Current Year Enrollment:

We will accept applications for the current school year on a rolling basis. If enrollment in a student’s grade is not full, students will be automatically accepted. If the grade is full, students will be placed on a waiting list until a spot opens up. Students will be notified of their status upon submission of application.

Lottery Policy

Each academic section has the capacity for 20 students. Students that enroll after a grade is full will be placed on waiting list and contacted via phone and mail if/when an opening occurs on the order in which they apply. To best serve students’ academic and behavioral needs, REA will end the enrollment period (for the current year) after the first week of second, and fourth quarter. Enrollment will close three weeks after the start of third quarter. Refer to the board approved school calendar for relevant dates.

The application period for the upcoming school year begins on October 1 and ends at 3:30 PM on March 1. When the application period has closed, all registrations collected have an equal chance to be selected by lottery. River’s Edge Academy will give enrollment preference to a sibling of an enrolled pupil and to a foster child of that pupil's parents. Per Minnesota Statute 124E.11(g): Once a student is enrolled in the school, the student is considered enrolled in the school until the student formally withdraws or is expelled under the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act.

When the application period for the upcoming school year closes, if there are more applications than openings in a grade, students will be selected by lottery on the second Tuesday in March at 10 AM. Students not selected in the lottery will be put on a waiting list according to their lottery number. If a grade still has openings after the lottery, students will be enrolled as applications are received. If additional applications are received after the grade is at capacity, a waiting list will be formed based upon the date a registration form is received.

If the academic section is full and a student is placed on the waiting list after a lottery, parents/guardians sign an “Enrollment Contract” stating the student will be attending in the fall or a “Waiting List Contract” indicating they would like their student to remain on the waiting list. Responses must be received within 3 weeks after the lottery date or students will lose their place.